Amazing dinner gown, early 1900s


pretty lady... c.1850-1860



She's wearing it all! Capezoun, with a low body bodice, with a medici/zonal belt, and the hat. 1860


young woman dressed in the height of fashion for 1861 with a new-style spoon bonnet bursting with ruched ribbon and faux flowers, and tied with a big crisp bow.



plaid trim c. 1860



wedding, civil war style!



Two Sisters Sewing, 1865














The Perfect Gibson Girl c.1900




crinoline style c.1850-1860



Women 's Fashionable Mourning Outfits - Vintage Fashions from 1900




Women 's Fashionable Mourning Outfits - Vintage Fashions from 1900





Mourning lady





1889 Wisconsin





Givenchy 1962






Jackie Kennedy 1962






















A Dutch Lace-Maker, Max Liebermann, 1881






The Lacemaker, Vasili Andreevich Tropinin, 1823




Girls making Bobbin Lace.





Vermeer's 'The Lacemaker'






Puerto Rico




Pieter Jacobsz. Duyfhuijsen




bobbin lace




Bobbin lace makers




Waste Not Want Not





canning 101





love this







Audrey Hepburn at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California ca. 196



Carte Bonne année fillette vintage






Carte Bonne année 9 - vintage





Carte Bonne année 10 - vintage





Carte Bonne année 8 - vintage



















































Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux, Self-Portrait with a Harp, 1790.











pretty. By edith










































Vintage 1950s Misses Dress Sewing Pattern







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